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Proposed Theme Areas


New Trends in Power Generation

  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Environmental Issues
  • Asset Management & Optimization
  • Customer Strategies, Technologies and Advanced
  • Metering Infrastructure
  • Smart Grid & Smart Infrastructure
  • Energy Strategies Turkey
  • Gas Turbines and Reciprocating Engines
  • Biomass – Gasification and Inciniration approches
  • Waste to Energy – a practical solution to large cities
  • PC and CFB Combustion Boilers
  • Coal – Advanced Technologies to reduce enviromental effects
  • Natural Gas: new international pipelines, storage increasing LNG terminals, a new market: FSRU’s
  • HRSGs & BOP
  • Hydro Plants and Water storage
  • Is Pump Storage feasible for Turkey
  • Wind and Solar – Booming around the World
  • New trends in Wind – larger scale turbines, improved blade and tower designs
  • Solar – Costs are reducing while efficiency is increasing
  • Energy Storage Technologies – small and large scale storage applications
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Flexible Operations
  • Future of Nuclear power as base loads
  • Battery Technologies

Digitalization & Data

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Grid Management Automation Solutions
  • Plant Digitalization, Automation & Controls
  • Real Time Data Technology

Distributed Energy Resources

  • Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS)
  • Electric Vehicles (EV) and Charging Infrastructure
  • Electricity Generators’ and Distributors’ role in Smart Cities
  • Energy Storage
  • EV Storage Capability
  • Heating, Cooling and CHP Integration
  • Renewable Energy Grid Integration
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Small Scale Renewables
  • Solar Roof-Top Applications

Environmental Issues

  • NOx, SOx and PM Emissions Control Strategies and Technologies
  • Policy and Regulatory Issues (Winter Package, 2030 Climate & Energy Framework, Energy Roadmap 2050)
  • Strategies and Technologies to Reduce Water Usage
  • Tariffs and Incentives for Renewable Energy Development-(regulatory beyond 2020-YEKDEM)
  • Weather & Climate Issues

Asset Management & Optimization

  • Asset Operations, Maintenance and Servicing
  • Asset Optimization
  • Data Driven O & M Strategies
  • Decommissioning and Re-purposing
  • Digitalization of Assets (Conventional, Renewables Grid)
  • Grid Architecture Reinforcement
  • Life Extension and Refurbishments
  • Resilience and Disaster Planning
  • Steam Plant Improvements
  • Workforce Management & Optimization
  • Project Development
  • Capacity Markets, Feed-In tariffs for Renewables and other Mechanisms

Customer Strategies, Technologies and Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • Behind-the-Meter Strategies
  • C&I Energy Management
  • Customer Engagement and Management
  • Domestic Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency Programmes
  • Internet of Things
  • Products and Energy Services
  • Prosumers
  • Smart Buildings and Smart Cities
  • Understanding of Turkish Tariffs Liberal Market
  • Transactive Energy – Advanced Customer Portals, Billing and Settlement Systems, i.e. Blockchain

Smart Grid & Smart Infrastructure

  • Advanced Distribution Management Systems
  • Communication and Network Technologies
  • Energy Storage and the Grid
  • Grid Planning Strategies – Real-Life Examples
  • Grid’s Role in Security of Supply
  • HV Infrastructure and Interconnectors
  • Integrating Centralized and Decentralized Energy into the Grid
  • Operating the Green Grid

Energy Strategies Turkey

  • Financing Infrastructure Investments
  • Investment & Ownership
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Optimized Power Generation
  • Sector Coupling
  • Oferring Shares to Borsa Istanbul
  • Future of Unlicensed Power Plants – what will happen after 10th year of operation?

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