Please read carefully;

  • No abstracts will be accepted after December 27, 2019
  • All details such as name, duty, position, contact information etc. about the author must be provided.
  • The abstracts must be around 200-400 words, and must not exceed an A4 page.
  • They must not include any commercial information.
  • The font size of the abstract title must be 12, the abstract, 10 and the font must be Times New Roman.
  • The topic of the abstract must be indicated.
  • Please indicate whether the abstract had been present as a paper. If yes, please provide the name of the conference.
  • Whether the abstracts will be accepted or not will be notified to the author via e-mail.
  • All abstracts must be sent to the address abstract@icci.com.tr as a Word document.
  • Abstracts sent via facsimile transmission will not be accepted.

Note: Not every abstract that is written in compliance with the Paper Abstracts Writing Principles will be accepted. Submitting abstracts means that you have voluntarily requested to make a presentation within the scope of  ICCI 2020.

Regarding the Paper Abstracts Content;

  • New technologies that can commercially be implemented in the energy sector,
  • Projects that have been implemented and proven to be successful before,
  • Strategies affecting the changes in power generation,
  • Technical solutions to industrial trends, strategies and arrangement problems.
  • The papers submitted are not limited to specific fields of expertise, and must address large audiences, and the abstracts must not be in the form of company advertisements or introductions.

Regarding the Proceedings Book; All the papers will be published in Proceedings Book, must be prepared in word format. Papers prepared in Power Point will not be published in the book. For the Details of Paper Writing Principles: www.icci.com.tr