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Paper Instructions

Paper Instructions

  1. The Length of Paper:
    The text, tables, figures and photographs all together should not exceed 6 type written pages. It is important that, any paper, which does not fulfill this requirement, will not be included in the Conference CD.
  2. Submission
    Papers within the specified period should be sent via e-mail.
  3. Formats:

    Text, tables, figures and photos should be suitable for an A4 sheet (21x29, 7cm)

    a) Text and Tables
    Line spacing for both the abstract and the text should be "single spaced". Text tables and figures have to be inside of 16x24 cm area. The text should be typed by "New Times Roman", the font of letters in the text should be 10 pt.

    b) Figures, Graphics and Photos
    Original line drawings (not Photocopies) should be submitted for immediate reproduction. Lettering should be large enough to be clearly legible. Photographs must be glossy prints. The figures, graphics and photos should be bright, clear and good quality. 300 dpi resolutions are preferred. All shaped and images mentioned in the text should not be overflow. 

    c) Equations
    Equation numbers should be enclosed in parenthesis and located on the right end of the empty space.

    d) Page Numbers
    Page numbers should not be given.

    e) Titles and Headings:
    The title of the paper should be typed by 12pt., bold and with capital letters.
    Headings of sections should appear at the beginning of section on the left end, typed in Capital letters with 10 pt bold fonts

    f) Names of the Authors
    Authors' name (without his or her title) should be typed with lower case letters. The authors' affiliation should follow on the next line. In the case of co-authors names and affiliations should be indicated in similar way.

  4. Abstract and Summary
    The body of the paper should be preceded by an abstract of 80-100 words typed in Italic characters. A summary of 400-800 words should be added at the end of the paper (after the References).
  5. References:
    Reference numbers should be enclosed in brackets in the text, and References should be listed in numerical order at the end of the paper. The format of references should be as follows:

Author's name and initial, "complete title of the paper", title of the referred publication (or its international abbreviation), volume no, page numbers, year of the publication, city where the document is published (for the documents other then periodics)

Reference sample (for journals)
Çakır.Ş, and Korukoğlu S, "Daily Rainfall Simulation and Its application in Turkey" Tr. J. of Engineering and Environmental Ciences, Vol.21, pp.315-324, April 1997.

Reference sample (for books)
White F.M., "Fluid Mechanics", pp 719-722 , McGraw-Hill, Newyork,1991

Supporting Institution:
If the work is supported by an institution, this should be indicated at the bottom of the first page as foot not