ICCI Powered by POWER-GEN 2018

ICCI Powered by POWER-GEN Continues to Expand Its Cooperations with Associations

Detailed info

ICCI Powered by POWER-GEN supports sustainable energy resources. In that regard, for 2018 show year, we proudly announce the cooperation with Bioenergy Association – BIYODER. Bioenergy Association will take place at the exhibition with its stand during May 2-4, 2018.

In addition to its stand participation, BIYODER will also have its conference at ICCI Powered by POWER-GEN Conferences. During BIYODER Special Session under Association Sessions; the members of BIYODER would be presenting:

  • Biogas Plants Situation and Applications in Turkey
  • Electricity Generation from Biogas in Turkey
  • Processing Waste of Agriculture, Husbandry and Food Sectors at Biogas Plants
  • Fertilizer and Compost Production from Organic Waste
  • Synthetic Gas Production from Biomass


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