Esteemed Stakeholders of the Energy Sector,

The journey that we started in 1994 with a Cogeneration Seminar in Istanbul, evolved in a very short time to an Energy and Environment Fair and Conference identity under the name ICCI (International Cogeneration Conference of Istanbul) in 1999 with the rapid development in our energy sector and profound interest of the energy community.

The installed power that could hardly meet national demand in the beginning of the 2000’s increased by 5% annually and exceeded 50,000 Megawatt in 2010 and 100,000 Megawatt in 2023.

The outstanding development in the last decade realized in renewable energy and the total installed power of Hydroelectric, Wind, Solar Geothermal, and Biofuel power plants exceeded the installed thermal power as of 2023.

Locating probably in hottest geography of the global energy market, Türkiye is expected to increase its regional trade possibilities in the short term in international infrastructure and energy fields, increase its energy sector with new investments, and integrate technological transformation to its market.

In this context, we, as ICCI – International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, have a tight schedule to continue providing the contribution we have provided for the last 25 years of this growth and development period by creating an efficient, effective, reputable, and qualified communication and activity platform.

We are proud to share with you the happiness and excitement of determining the 2024 calendar for our exhibition and conference focusing on intellectual agenda, which brings together all the elements in the market, with the contribution of our high experience on a global scale and our knowledge on trends in the World energy market.

The 28th ICCI – International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference will be organized on April 24-26, 2024 at Istanbul Expo Center.

Organized with ‘change and transformation in the energy market’ theme in 2022 and hosted more than 15 thousand visitors from 45 countries, ICCI will be organized in 2024 with ‘Climate Change-Sensitive Sustainable, Efficient Energy Transformation’ theme and once again will create values for you with current topics of the energy agenda and technological innovations.

We would be glad and proud to see you among us at ICCI 2024 to create a major synergy at energy market with a new vision as we do every year.

With Sincerest Regards,


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